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The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority’s primary mission is to provide for the conservation of air as a natural resource of the state by preventing or abating air pollution.  It accomplishes this mission by helping finance air quality facilities for small and large businesses, utilities, government, and universities.  Such facilities constitute an important tool that organizations can use to become more competitive and successful in their respective fields, while preserving the environment.

Forty Years of Helping Businesses Clean the Air and Save Money
In 40 years, Ohio has made significant progress in improving the quality of its air and making more efficient use of its energy sources. Consider the new environmental regulations, programs and initiatives implemented in the past 40 years that are resulting in better quality of air and more efficient use of the state’s natural resources.
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Will the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) become the main financial contact for my project?
Is OAQDA a loan fund?
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