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OAQDA provides financing for new air quality facilities for all types of Ohio businesses, ranging from small, family-owned shops to multi-million-dollar manufacturing plants.  Many large Ohio companies, in fact, are required to purchase new equipment or make operational changes to comply with EPA air quality regulations.  Smaller companies of 100 or fewer employees may also need to make similar changes.  The Clean Air Resource Center is the small-business program of OAQDA, providing free, confidential consultation and financing.

In this section you will find general information about our programs and how those programs can help our large business customers. You will also find a list of affected businesses and processes which could benefit from our program, and other industry specific resouces. If you are considering energy efficiency improvements, process changes, or the purchase of traditional pollution contol equipment to reduce or eliminate air emissions, then you may be eligible for assistance through OAQDA. Ethanol and other biofuel production facilities and clean coal technologies are also eligible for the incentives available to your business.
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Are you a small business covered by the Clean Air Act? Paying for equipment upgrades can be expensive, and often unexpected. We can help. To find out how your business can lower the costs of complying with EPA regulations, or to find out if your business is affected, take a few moments to explore this section. The Clean Air Resource Center is not part of the EPA. It does not enforce air quality regulations. In fact, state law prohibits OEPA from using information obtained by CARC in any enforcement action. Our programs simply make it easier for companies to become EPA compliant.
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