Ohio Bipartisan Job Stimulus Program - Advanced Energy Program

The Advanced Energy Job Stimulus Program (2009-2011)

From 2009 to 2011, the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) served as the administrating agency for the Advanced Energy Job Stimulus Program. It offered to Ohio industry and technology organizations the opportunity to apply for grant and loan awards under the Advanced Energy portion of the bipartisan Job Stimulus package (HB 554 of the 127th General Assembly).

The $150 million advanced energy funding increased the development, production and use of advanced energy technologies in the state, and was divided into two parts:

  • $66 million for clean coal technology projects administered through OAQDA's Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO)** (reviewed by staff, outside reviewers and the Technical Advisory Committee and approved by OAQDA); and
  • $84 million for non-coal-related projects in three $28 million annual appropriations administered by OAQDA (reviewed by staff and outside reviewers, the Development Finance Advisory Council, approved by OAQDA and brought before Controlling Board for final approval ).

**In the 2012-2013 budget the OCDO was removed from OAQDA and placed at the Ohio Department of Development.

The Advanced Energy Job Stimulus Program was designed to build on industrial strengths to boost Ohio's energy industry, as well as attract investment in building and commercializing technologies to produce cleaner, domestically secure energy.